“Why Does Anyone Need a 30* Round Magazine”

As with the other posts in this series, it will be continually updated with additional content.

“Why does anyone need a 30 round magazine?” “Why does anyone need a 20 round magazine?” “Why does anyone need a 10 round magazine?” “Why does anyone need more than a single shot rifle?” The specific number varies with the setting and events, but the premise remains the same.

Also sometimes referred to as a high capacity magazine clip or large capacity ammunition feeding device by those that want to ban it.

  • Sometimes even a single encounter with a bad guy can take an astounding number of shots to disable, kill, or stop. This is an account of a police officer that fought a bad guy that was shot 14 times before his last 3 shots finally killed him – Police One article and ProArms Podcast interview
  • Bad guys aren’t always nice enough to come on their own. Sometimes they bring friends, like these three home invaders.
  • Father with two children takes on three masked home invaders AJC
  • When 7 armed intruders break into your home Blog post



30+ racists standing around two lynched African-Americans.

It’s important to note that defense of others is a perfectly reasonable use of lethal force. Revenge, however, is never legally defensible.


“Stagecoach” Mary Fields holding a high-capacity “assault weapon” as defined in some states. The Winchester 1876 could hold between 11 and 16 rounds in its magazine, depending on the model. Photo circa 1895.

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