NRA Rebuts CNN’s use of the Tired “Nobody Wants to Take Your Guns” Trope … Again

The NRA put out a wonderful refutation of a recent CNN article trying to falsely claim, once again, that “Nobody wants to take your guns.”

Chris Cillizza, writing for CNN, desperately attempts to both score points against Donald Trump and rewrite Democrat history:

While there is the occasional radical voice within the gun control movement who suggests something like this, no mainstream Democratic politician has come close to saying it. In fact, both Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton expressly rejected the idea that they had any interest in any sort of gun collection program.

The NRA then proceeds to list example after example of prominent Democrat politicians supporting gun confiscation; including several quotes from Barack Obama.

Some of the quotes are familiar, others I haven’t seen before. I’ll be harvesting a few for my list Nobody Wants to Take Your Guns.