Carry Your Gun. Father Stops Potential Mass Shooter at McDonalds

This story is a reminder to carry your gun with you, everywhere you legally can.

In Birmingham, Alabama, a father and his two sons were being let out of a closing McDonald’s by the manager when a masked gunman entered the restaurant and immediately opened fire. The father and one of his sons was wounded before the Dad drew his own handgun and returned fire, killing the masked assailant.

At least one employee present hid in the freezer, and according to a witness at the drive-thru, other patrons and their children ran from the building. Police are not yet sure if the gunman was there for a robbery or was targeting an employee. The wounded son is listed has having non-life threatening injuries, while the wounded father was hospitalized with life-threatening injuries. Later the story was updated to report the father had non-life-threatening injuries.

One employee specifically calls the father his hero, noting that he might not be here to give an interview if the father wasn’t carrying a gun.

Another entry for the Thwarted Mass Shootings list.


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