First off, I’m a professional amateur. At the moment I get paid by stumbling into a job I don’t know how to do, but somehow figuring it out and solving the problem. It’s fun, because I get to learn a lot. It also pays the bills for now. I specialize in not taking things seriously. Especially this site.

What’s in a Name

The site title “Snooze Button Ronin” comes from an old story cooked up with an old high-school buddy. The short version – we like Clint Eastwood Westerns and Akira Kurosawa films; Ronin are often associated with wanderers in storytelling; Ronin is also a slang way of describing a slacker; and Snooze Button for staying up late, sleeping in, and running an abnormal schedule.

Awelowynt comes from Welsh. “Awel o wynt” translates to “gust of wind” (or “fart” as WEERD is fond of saying).


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