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The Con may have just ended, but I’m looking at a busy day tomorrow, so here are some quick highlights.

  • 70k+ people for NRA Con, plus ~47k Cardinals fans at Busch Stadium = Very spotty cellphone service. (For every network, I asked others)
  • For some reason, internet would NOT work properly. America Center WiFi, NRA Press WiFi, AT&T 4G – I would get one out of every 10-15 attempts, and uploads were sucking my battery life. (Old_NFO’s worked just fine on his iPad. I’m pretty sure the internet was too scared of him to dare not to work.)
  • The NRA has been highly accepting of bloggers. They gave me a pass, didn’t they?
  • Others have hit on it, but I’ll reiterate it. “An armed society is a polite society.” This was the nicest, most polite Con I’ve ever visited – staff, crowd, vendors, whomever.
  • Old_NFO is a sneaky ninja.
  • Bring a backup battery (and a backup backup battery) and business cards.
  • I got my wookiee suit on. (Pictures to come)
  • Two Reviews coming in the near future. Lucky Gunner sent me some ammo, and Sticky Holsters gave me a cellphone pouch to play with. (Sticky Holsters tried to give me an actual holster, but being in IL, I knew I couldn’t give it a decent review. So I took the pouch instead.)
  • Irish Carbombs are more fun when you drink them with a friend (like AD).
  • Ted Drewes, Kopperman’s, Tigin, Carmine’s, and Angelo’s – Highly, Highly recommended. (Food review forthcoming)
  • Shell station hotdogs – Highly, Highly discouraged.

HUGE thanks to JayG, Squeaky, LawDog, Phlegmmy, Mad Saint Jack, Dennis, Oleg, Old_NFO, Daddy Bear, ADThirdpower, Snarky, Danno, Caleb, Sebastian, Bitter, MattG, John, NUGun,  and Kathy.  I’m sure I’m missing a couple names (I’ve always been horrible with names), so drop me a line or a comment if we met and I’ve not added you to my blogroll yet.