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Pardon me if I’m a bit slow on the news, but I’ve found a replacement for Google Shopping. Over the weekend this happened. My profanity level went up dramatically.

When I want some cheap plinking ammo, I don’t have a hard time finding a good deal. Gun-deals and AmmoEngine serve my purposes quite well. Defensive, hunting, or specialty ammo is quite a different story. Google Shopping formerly filled this quite well and saved me a significant amount of time and money.

Today, I switched to Bing for pretty much the first time – before, I had only ever used it by mistake. While searching for something random, I noticed price comparisons in the results like Google includes. Curious, I try searching for some Hornady V-max. Google turns up 0 (zero) results. Bing Shopping returns 6,380.

I’ve already left Google for search engine needs. If this isn’t resolved within the month, I’ll be transferring out of my gmail account (which will be a royal pain since I’ve had it for 7 or 8 years). If things continue longer than that, I may even stop using android.

As a stop-gap solution, I heartily recommend switching over to Bing Shopping. The site isn’t as good as Google used to be, and I’ll be keeping my eyes open for something better, but it’s better than nothing.