April Fools

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Engadget had a nice roundup of some April Fool’s Day antics around the web. Google and ThinkGeek had a strong showing this year, as usual.

The 8-bit Google Maps for NES and Quest Mode were a nice time sink.

Blizzard had an amusing entry with their Zergling Teaches Typing demo – a part of a new Blizzard Kidzz educational software suite.

Cartoon Network gets awarded the Cruelest April Fool’s Day joke, with their broadcast of Toonami in place of Adult Swim.  While it was nice to see the old host, Tom, and show lineup from my childhood return; knowing that it was only temporary made the whole thing bittersweet. All 30 clips of Tom, voiced by Steve Blum, are up on YouTube.


It was Kodak, however, that stole the show with their Kitten Printing Machine. In my book, Kodak won this year’s April Fool’s Day.