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  1. Currently the KSG has a major trigger problem – if you rack the slide without releasing the trigger, it locks up and can only be reset by racking the slide again, incidentally ejecting the round you already chambered. Even worse, Kel-Tec’s initial response was along the lines of “Not a bug, but a feature!” Eventually somebody with brains got in front of the issue and admitted it was a problem and would be fixed before production.

    And that’s my problem with Kel-Tec. Few firearms manufacturers can produce so many innovative ideas, and then screw them up in execution.

    Incidentally, I do have experience with beanbag and other less lethal rounds. If fired within their minimum range, they are lethal and can kill just as dead as 00 Buck or a slug. They take training to employ properly. I’m not a lawyer, not do I play on on TV, but I suspect for liability reasons you’d be better off with pellet loads.


  2. That, and it would be far too easy to accidentally chamber the buckshot when you meant to chamber the bean bag, or vice-versa. Disaster in the making. I don’t think it is a good idea to have lethal and less lethal in the same firearm, from a liability standpoint.


    Awelowynt Reply:

    If I gave the impression of suggesting it was a good idea, I apologize.

    This was more of a fun, random thought than a foray into realism. I’m thinking of creating a disclaimer now, advising everyone to take me seriously at their own risk.


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